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We are a decorative lighting supplier

As a leader in the manufacture of the decorative lighting products, GoalDern Lighting has been successfully supplying  regular and bespoke models for 15 years with its rich expertise and expertise.

With cutting-edge craftsmanship, a careful and serious attitude, our products are covered all over the world, thanks to our factory and sales office in Zhongshan, China, where we have established a mature  manufacturing industrial park. Passionate about our business, we are constantly pushing the limits of our expertise to provide high-quality, innovative, and environmentally friendly product solutions for numerous brands.

No Matter How Big or Small

Already worked with companies of all sizes and Shape

We understand that small entrepreneurs may need a little extra time and a helping hand to fully explore their options. GoalDern Lighting has experienced success in previous cases, which is truly inspiring and shows what you can achieve for your products, brand and bottom line.

What Clients Are Saying

In-depth industry & market report

With over 15 years of industry experience, GoalDern Lighting can provide a high level of capability to meet client challenges. We have the knowledge and skills to successfully conduct promotional research in our client’s target market, provide advice on decorative lighting sourcing, or complete any other task requested by the client.

Complete technology support

Our engineers focus on understanding market challenges and needs, and focus on producing first-class decorative lighting for our customers. The perfect combination of function, shape, and material is why we offer advanced solutions for our client’s requirements. This includes intelligence protection, which is an important part of strengthening our capabilities.

Sustainability is, and always has been, an important part of our company culture

GoalDern Lighting- More than Enough Choices


We help you avoid the risks to deliver the quality and unique decorative lighting  on-time and on-budget.

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